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Parent Satisfaction Survey

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Please complete this parent satisfaction survey.

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Parent Satisfaction Survey
Answer Required
Our school’s goals to improve student achievement are communicated
I receive timely information regarding important issues
Our school keeps me informed about changes to programs and routines
Our school involves parents in school planning
Our school makes parents feel welcome
Our school improvement plan is available for review
The principal/staff takes my concerns about my child’s welfare seriously
The principal/staff takes action when I bring a concern to them and follows up with me about a resolution
I feel that the principal/staff act with accountability when faced with a bullying concern
My child feels safe at school
My child likes school
Policies about discipline and behaviour are communicated clearly
The principal/staff believe that all students can learn and achieve
The principal/staff are role models for good citizenship and behavior
Our school celebrates student achievement
My child’s teacher provides information about my child’s progress
The teacher provides information on how assignments are graded
Our school helps me understand how to set learning goals for my child
Our school contacts me if my child is having difficulties
As a volunteer, I get clear instructions about my role
I feel properly trained to do the work I am asked to carry out as a volunteer
I feel appreciated by the school for the work I do as a volunteer