8th Period Found Guilty of Just Being a Terrible Addition to the District Web Team

The 8th Period Webmasters are at it again. After numerous felonies, drug busts and a recorded brawl in the rotunda between Jack O'Dell and Mr. Sorrentino (It's clear who the winner was.),  Mr. Bell has shunned them from the district web team. They have also been banned from the Discord servers. A representative from 5th Period stated that they knew it was only a matter of time and they are not surprised.
Some might argue that 8th period has some redeeming qualities. To see a presentation of this argument, click here
There was a unanimous vote during 5th period to shun more than half of the team. "We feel that this is the best choice, and moving forward the District Webmasters will be more productive without having to worry about 8th Period's incompetence." The case also went to the United States Supreme Court, because Mr. Sorrentino sued Jack for wasting his time. Mr. O'Dell was found guilty of being a time-waster and all around terrible human being. He was also found guilty of several war crimes and was sentenced to death by antique French guillotine. The US Government found that the best way to use its citizens' tax dollars would be to purchase one for just this occasion valued at 3.8 billion dollars, which received unanimous support. 
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