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Russian Language Club at HHS!

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Do you like a good challenge? Love figuring out codes? Learning Russian means a completely new alphabet that is both similar and different to English!
You can't learn a language without taking glimpses into the country's culture, too. 
I taught English in Russia for 4 years, living with a host family that spoke no English at all so that I could master Russian language as quickly as possible. 
Here at HHS, we realize that learning about the world around us helps open our eyes to new perspectives. Being in our Russian Language Club will be an opportunity not just to learn Russian but to gain new experiences. 
Some activities to look forward to this semester: 
- Russian tea party + etiquette lesson
- Email pen pal + chat with students in Yaroslav'l
- Music videos with translations / analysis of song meanings
- New words and decoding practice
- Pronunciation lessons with an expert
- Pictures and stories of Mrs. Rosenberg's time in Russia
Tea party with a future tennis star student   Tea party in Russia   Beautiful churches everywhere!   An orphanage I worked in...   

Welcome!   = добро пожаловать  (dobro pozhalovat')